Teeth Whitening

The Smile Labs Teeth Whitening process at Tranquillo Vi Day Spa is a simple cosmetic procedure. Unlike many of the teeth whitening products advertised on TV, our breakthrough technology is painless, affordable and the results are instantly visible.

Teeth Whitening Sessions

Teeth Whitening

Touch-Up Teeth Whitening

A quick session to improve topical stains (coffee, tea, cola, red wine, smoking.) In 30 minutes your teeth can be 4 to 6 shades brighter! This is 4 times brighter than over the counter products. This service is best for clients who have had a previous whitening treatment or those who have fairly “white” teeth and are looking for a lift!


Teeth Whitening

1 hour Teeth Whitening Session

This session is for heavy lifting, working on deep-set stains and getting you the maximum whitening and brightness. It is the most effective of our treatment options. It is designed for people who have heavier lifelong stains, such as tobacco smokers and daily coffee drinkers. Results vary, but most people have results of 8 to 10 shades brighter.


Gift Certificates

Get that perfect someone a gift of pampering and relaxation with a Tranquillo Vi Day Spa Gift Certificate. Perfect for any occasion!  As the new owners of Tranquillo Vi Day Spa, our clients are important to us and we will continue to honor all valid gift certificates

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Take advantage of the greatest gift of all, Relaxation and Wellness. Our spa treatments are the best around! We offer monthly specials and promotions. We change them frequently so contact us and pamper yourself today.
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Gift Certificates are valid 24 hours after purchase and valid for 365 days (1 year)

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We promote a peaceful and tranquil environment at Tranquillo Vi Day Spa. We create a stress free escape. We can assure all our clients the best place to unwind while enjoying relaxing and rejuvenating services.